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Serial Killer Blames Supernatural Forces for Death of Her Kids

During an inquiry into the validity of the case presented against her, convicted serial killer Kathleen Folbigg claimed that there were supernatural forces at work in the deaths of her four children.

In 2003, an Australian court found Kathleen Folbigg guilty of three counts of murder and one count of manslaughter in conjunction with the deaths of her four infant children. The murders took place over the course of a decade from 1989 to 1999. Charges were brought against her after her husband discovered her secret diary. The prosecution claimed the diary detailed the killings, and her intent to carry them out.

The children were all between 19 days and 19 months when they died.

Caleb Gibson was the first to die. He was born on February 1, 1989. He died 19 days later on February 20. The death was originally attributed to cot death. Nearly two years later, Caleb’s brother Patrick Allen was pronounced dead after being found not breathing in his cot. Sarah Kathleen followed two years after that, and finally Laura Elizabeth six year later.

An inquiry into this case was announced last August. Folbigg’s legal team hopes to prove that entries in the diary were misrepresented by the prosecution and that there is reasonable scientific evidence that the deaths were genetic.

How She Says Supernatural Forces Come Into Play

The Australian Broadcasting Corporation reports that during an exchange with retired judge Reginald Blanch, who is heading the inquiry, Folbigg was asked to explain a passage from her diary in which she writes that her fourth child “saved her life by being different.”

In her reply, Folbigg said that she “had a belief that fate, karma, God, um, a spiritual thing [that] there was another reason as to why all this was happening.”

She added that with her three previous children “…there were other things going on beyond my control.”

When pressed by judge Blanch on whether she believed that there was some supernatural force that took her children from her, Folbigg replied that she did.

Folbigg is currently serving a 25-year sentence for the charges stemming from her children’s deaths.

Could Kathleen Foibigg Be Innocent?

Throughout the court proceedings and eventual conviction Folbigg has maintained that she played no role in the death of her children. She claims that she never intentionally kept her diary hidden from her husband and that the passages used against her in court were just “random thoughts.”

Nine News reports that the mother, once dubbed “Austalia’s most hated woman,” seemed disheveled and distressed after spending more than a decade behind bars. “Her once bold red locks have since turned grey,” the Nine News article states, “while the lines around Folbigg’s eyes were evident after more than a decade in prison.”

Her appearance in court earlier this week is the first time Folbigg has been seen in public since her conviction in 2003.

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