Katie Holmes Used Disposable Cell Phones to Keep Tom Cruise in the Dark

Among details that have emerged about the divorce settlement between mega-celebs Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes, is one that could have come straight out of a movie.

According to the Los Angeles Times, sources say that 33-year-old Holmes got the ball rolling on the divorce with Cruise, 50, by using disposable cell phones she acquired through a friend to contact attorneys before she launched her case. The phones were used in order to keep her conversations a top-secret from Cruise. They also allowed her to hire three law firms from different states to represent her by the time the divorce settlements were reached.

In addition to the secret phone calls, the actress also reached out to her lawyer father, Martin Holmes, for advice and secretly rented an apartment in Manhattan prior to filing. According to various sources her father was a key player in orchestrating the divorce.

Although Holmes had been working on the case for quite a while before she revealed her decision, Cruise was reportedly taken by surprise by the time the divorce papers were filed.

Holmes’ careful planning seems to have paid off, as the divorce was settled in just a little over a week, although many people expected it to be a messy and long-winded one. The settlement grants the actress primary legal custody over her and Cruise’s 6-year-old daughter, Suri, although Cruise “will still have a ‘meaningful relationship’ with his child,” according to the LA Times report.

Even though many of the details have not yet been made public, a source close to Holmes commented to US Magazine, “She won and is happy. Very happy. She can move on and finally live her life.”