Daughter Uses Sugar Daddy to Pay for Her & Her Mom’s Plastic Surgeries

It all started when Kayla started stripping at the age of 17. That is also the age she met her sugar daddy, a man who gave her an allotted amount of money every week.

She grew up with her mother Georgina in the UK watching model Katie Price, pretty soon she made it her personal goal to look just like the 37-year-old bombshell. With the money given to her by her sugar daddy, Kayla paid for various surgeries for herself and her mother. Together the two have gotten boob jobs, cheek fillers, lip injections, Botox, permanent makeup and other cosmetic procedures.

In just three years, Kayla, now 20-years-old has spent over $60,000 on their various treatments. The video documenting the two was posted just yesterday by News Dog Media and has already received attention from multiple outlets.

According to mom Georgina, as the two strive to become Katie Price look-alikes, they are “living the dream” together.