WATCH: Katy Perry Gets Groped & Kissed by Mega Fan

Pop princess Katy Perry was performing on stage in Brazil at Rock in Rio when she decided to call up a lucky fan to the stage. Little did Katy know that this fan was feeling a little too good that night and would get very touchy.

Rayane, a Brazilian native walked right up to Katy giving her a big hug and kiss on the cheek. Then she started working her way down, kissing Katy’s neck, all while never letting go of the singer’s waist.

Katy Perry handled her curious Katy cat very well as she just laughed when Rayane touched her boob and kissed her hand multiple times. However, she did mentioned that she thought her fan was rolling, referring to her being high on drugs, but Rayane never commented on that.

Lastly, the two took a few selfies together before Rayane excitedly walked off stage. This Katy Perry Rock in Rio performance is definitely one that will be remembered.