Katy Perry Takes on a Lady Gaga Look in Vogue Italia

Just when you thought Katy Perry was purely a pop princess loaded with sugary goodness for the 12-18 girl in all of us, she turns around with an edgy photo shoot ala Mother Monster herself, Lady Gaga.

In the latest edition of Vogue Italia, the California girl ditched her wavy, long locks and candy colored clothing to take on some very Gaga-inspired pieces. From a high-necked choker to a sexy lace dress, some incredible heels and a severe wig that shrieks Gaga’s “Fame Monster” album cover (pictured here, left)– which in itself seemed to be a nod to Russian actress and sexual outlaw Alla Nazimova (pictured here, right)–Perry is showing a distinctly edgy side of herself. Even when Perry takes on her signature pink color, it comes across as very sexy and slightly dangerous, and not in that “naughty librarian” kind of way. More in the “Don’t F with me, fellas!” way.

Between this layout and her recent run as a matador for L’uomo Vogue, perhaps Perry is laying the groundwork for the next phase in her career.

Check out more shots from her Vogue Italia layout below.