Keeping up with the Kardashions Finale: Kim Freezes Her Eggs

If you think there are too many Kardashians in the world as it is, you won’t be thrilled to learn that Kim Kardashian has frozen her eggs for future offspring.

On last night’s season finale of her reality show, Keeping up with the Kardashians, Kim accompanies her sister Khloe to a fertility clinic and decides to freeze her own eggs to ensure procreation when the time is right. Leave it to Kim to turn Khloe’s time of need into a way to shine the limelight on herself.

Despite the tacky timing, it may be the smartest move she’s made since rushing to tie the knot for the second time, and then hooking up with rap star Kanye West before she’s even officially divorced.

Kim recently went on The View and discussed her latest love, saying she “hopes” and “believes” her relationship with West is a permanent thing.

But, until she can have a little one of her own, Kim adopted a Persian teacup kitten which she named, Mercy. Coincidentally, (or not), Mercy happens to be the name of a song on Kanye West’s latest album (publicity, publicity, publicity).

No telling yet how long Kim plans to keep her eggs frozen, but we sure hope it’s for a long, long time.