Kenny Chesney’s ‘American Kids’ Video Celebrates Being Young in the U.S.A.

Say the name ‘Kenny Chesney’ to anyone familiar with the country crooner’s music and you’ll likely hear talk about the singer’s fun rule-breaking spirit, his skills on a guitar and his smooth-as-butter voice.

All of those aspects are present in the newly released video of the star’s latest single “American Kids.” The country superstar celebrates the energy and spirit of the American youth as the rest of the country prepares to celebrate the nation’s upcoming birthday with the 4th of July just days away.

Although Chesney admits this tune is a departure from his usual sound, one thing is for sure: It’s just as enjoyable as anything else he’s ever put out. As for the video, well you have to check it out for yourself. A fair warning: You may just want to jump up and start dancing along so hit play with caution if you’re at work.