KFC Just Introduced the ‘Chizza’ and Foodies Are Going Crazy

KFC’s infamous Colonel has come up with a new food mash-up once again: “The Chizza.”

This glorious hybrid consists of a regular pizza with its crust replaced with a fried chicken breast. Their YouTube commercial shows a flattened fried chicken breast being drenched in tomato sauce and then topped off with fresh ingredients such as pineapples, peppers and pepperoni.

But this isn’t KFC’s first amazing mash-up with chicken and pizza.

Just a few days ago, KFC released the “Napoli Crispy Chicken Pizza,” which is really just a fried chicken wrapped with cheese and tomato. A fried chicken version of a margherita pizza, I suppose.

Sadly, both the “Napoli Crispy Chicken Pizza” and “The Chizza” are currently only available in some locations across Hong Kong and the Philippines. I guess we’ll just have to wait until it starts showing up on our menus. Or you can start google-ing cheap international flights like I just did.