KFC Has Created the Greatest Coffee Cup Ever

Do you ever dip cookies in your coffee so the pastry can absorb some of that rich caffeinated taste, only to have a chunk of the soggy cookie fall away, never again to be recovered?

That problem has been solved by history’s greatest invention since sliced bread — an edible coffee cup.

KFC restaurants are celebrating the launch of Seattle’s Best coffee in their UK locations by introducing a small edible coffee cup, made of a thin biscuit wrapped in sugar paper and lined with white chocolate.

The “Scoff-ee Cups,” as they’re called, will likely be for sale in KFC’s UK locations later this year. Unfortunately, there’s no word yet on when the culinary marvel will make its way across the Atlantic to KFC stores in the US.

The Daily Meal reports that the cups were developed with food scientists at The Robin Collective, who infused the snack with scents that will supposedly improve your mood like freshly cut grass, coconut sun cream and wild flowers.

“These scents were used in our recipes as they have a natural ability to evoke the positive memories we associate with warm weather, sunshine, and summer holidays. Things that make everyone smile,” a spokesperson for the Robin Collective told Metro.