KFC Japan Creates a Fried Chicken Keyboard, Mouse, and USB Drive for Contest

KFC Japan just launched a special promotion called ‘Colonel’s Day’ where contestants can enter by following KFC Japan on Twitter and tweeting a special hashtag for the grand prize of three different fried chicken computer items.

We don’t completely get it either, but follow along here. The company created a fried chicken keyboard, mouse, and USB drive to give away as special prizes. There will be one winner chosen for each of the items. An additional 47 winners will be awarded fried chicken earrings. And if you’re wondering like we were, no, these aren’t edible items. Boo!

We’re not sure what the contest is about, but the good folks over at Laughing Squid have made our lives easier by taking to Google Translate to explain the official contest rules: The items are not for sale but people can enter following the rules outlined above between September 3rd and the 24th.

Check out the goods below.

KFC - third itemKFC -otherKFC - keyboardKFC-earrings