Kia Adds Superman Optima to Justice League Car Collection

The newest superhero car to join Kia’s family will be unveiled this week at the Chicago Auto Show.

The Superman Optima Hybrid will follow in the foot steps of other Justice League characters who already have models created after them. DC Comics and Kia partnered up to develop several comic book-inspired vehicles for a charity called “We Can Be Heroes,” that aims to raise awareness for hunger relief operations in Ethiopia, Kenya and Somalia, according to MSN.

Superheroes doing super work.

Jim Lee, the legendary comic book artist, is collaborating on each of the re-imagined Kia cars. So far the list includes the Batman Optima, the Cyborg Forte, the Flash Forte Koup, the Green Lantern Soul and the Aquaman Rio. That leaves Wonder Woman as the remaining member as well as a final eighth one which will be an amalgamation of all seven super heroes in one.

What will the Superman Optima look like at its full debut this week? That remains to be seen, as are more details regarding the vehicle, which won’t be released until media preview day on February 7.

Until then, check out the Optima Hybrid’s teaser image, as well as all previous Kia / DC cars.

Superman Optima Hybrid
Batman Optima
Green Lantern Soul
Aquaman Rio
Flash Forte Koup
Cyborg Forte