This Kid’s Ridiculously Awkward Wedding Dance Is the Best Thing Ever

This kid is dancing with himself, and totally rocking it—in his own special way, at least. The boy, named Harlan, was at his aunt and uncle’s wedding. While other guests stuck to the classic standby dance move—the old step-and-sway—he broke out moves like none we’ve ever seen before. Let’s just call it “the Harlan shake.”

Is he doing sideways sit-up crunches? Is he doing “the worm”? It doesn’t matter, because Harlan just proved that you don’t need a partner to bust out the killer dance-moves.  Luckily another guest was on-hand to get the dance on video.

Harlan totally embodies the spirit of “dance like nobody’s watching,” and we think that’s great. You keep doin’ you, Harlan!

Watch the video above to see Harlan doing his thing.