Desperate 4-Year-Old Calls 911 for Help with His Math Homework

Many folks use emergency call centers for all the wrong reasons.

One time, a woman in Oregon was arrested for calling 911 so that she could have a deputy sheriff she thought was cute arrive at her doorstep, and on another occasion, a guy kept trying to get in touch with an operator because his wife threw out the rest of his beer.

While dialing 911 for any reason other than to request police, fire or emergency medical services, is considered illegal, and could result in criminal penalties, if you’re this desperate little four-year-old, the operator will play along and help you out with your arithmetic instead of dispatching police.

This kid wasn’t sure what to do when he was stumped doing some math problems so he decided to dial 911 and request a little assistance.

We couldn’t believe how patient and humorous the dispatcher was! When you think of all the negative and depressing calls he receives all day, he was probably relieved to help this kid out.

His mom may not have been too thrilled to see her son on the telephone, but her response when she found out who he was talking to is absolutely priceless! You gotta hand it to the kid for providing accurate, complete information while remaining calm and speaking slowly and clearly.

Hopefully, next time he’s stumped on a math problem he’ll call a non-emergency line.

Listen as the kid calls 911 for help with math homework in the clip above.

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