LISTEN: Kid Demands His Comics Back, Calls Editor-in-Chief “S**thole” Via Phone

An 8-year-old from Bloomington, Indiana woke up one Sunday morning to his beloved comics being stripped from the Herald-Times. He was so frustrated that he decided he needed to voice his disappointment ASAP.

His message caught the attention of Editor-in-Chief Bob Zaltsberg who decided to publish the message — with the permission of the boy’s mother of course.

Here is the full message. (WARNING: Contains profanity.)

As you can make out from the recording, it doesn’t appear that all of his words were heard by his parents. At one point his mother explicitly tells him not to make any threats.

In our opinion, it’s amazing that the boy’s parents inspired him to voice his feelings. One of the most important things we can give future generations is the knowledge that they have a voice.

We definitely don’t condone his language.¬†According to Zaltsberg, the boy expressed to his mother that we wasn’t proud of his choice of words.

Oh the things kids say!

We’re just hoping that when this little guy grows up, he does some amazing things. That he continues to voice his opinion and inspire change. Minus the expletives and temper, of course!

Click here to read the Herald-Times account of the incident.