Kid Destroys Dollar Store — Until One Man Does the Right Thing


What happened after the kid gets dragged outside? A new video has surfaced. Watch it here.

Original Story

Here’s one young man with a whole lot of anger issues, and not a single parent in sight to make things right.

A video entitled “Kid Destroys Dollar Store” was posted on Reddit and has gone viral in a really short time. The YouTube video shows a young boy going wild in a Dollar Store, throwing grocery items off shelves, lashing out at shoppers and workers, treading into storage areas, and unwilling to stop even though he’s being filmed by a customer the entire time.

As a warning, the narrator filming the incident uses some slang terms and swearing, which you’ll understand in context, but should be clarified as well. For example, he calls the boy a “jit” or “git” depending on where you look, which grew out of prison culture as someone younger than you, but is also slang for a young boy who is ignorant or a fool. He also says the boy is “goin’ HAM”, which is a slang acronym for “Hard As a Motherf***er.”

(See, and you thought we were just a website loaded with silly stories. We’re also educational.)

The video goes on for a little over three minutes, so the version posted below shows the highlights without the man coming in to save the day. The full video is up top, and the good schooling happens at the 3-minute mark. One of the bystanders comes up and, against the boy’s threats, grabs him by the collar and drags him out of the store. This garners support from others including the film’s narrator who, it should be noted, just laughed the whole time and didn’t actually take any actions.

No word on what happened to the boy after this was filmed.