Kid Realizes He’s on Live TV, Becomes a Fierce Diva

Whenever people realize they are on live television, they take those few moments as their time to shine. Why wouldn’t they? It may be the only taste of on-camera time they’ll ever get.

For example, this kid seems to have no problem letting the entire world know that he is absolutely fabulous.

The face he makes 0:15 is just priceless.

Sadly, comments on these kinds of videos should probably be disabled — people are just too cruel. So many people are hating on this kid because he appears to be flamboyantly “gay.”

Whether or not he was simply joking and having fun, or is actually gay, before commenting, people should really take a look at their own lives and stop judging others.

We seriously wish we had that level of fierceness to let go on television and not give a damn.

Watch as kid goes full diva in the clip above.