This Kid Can’t Legally Drive, But He Can Park a Go-Kart Like a Boss

If we didn’t know any better, we’d mistake this kid for a highly-trained stunt performer, except he’s not driving a vehicle, he’s maneuvering a go-kart.

In the video above, which was taken back in 2012, watch him show off his impressive driving and parking skills. As he speeds around the corner, it appears as if he’s about to lose control, however, he ends up giving us a lesson in how to park a go-kart like a total boss: backwards!

Oh yeah, then he proceeds to walk away from the camera like a badass.

According to a comment on Reddit, his family owns a go-kart and paintball center in Denmark.

The legal driving age in Denmark is 18, so he can’t legally drive, but this kid is confident in his precision behind the wheel. Don’t be surprised if in a few years he shows up on the professional racing circuit.

Watch how this kid parks go-kart in the video above.