Kidnapped Woman Escapes Abductor by Stealing His Phone

A female who was abducted escaped by doing something most people would be too afraid to do. The kidnapped woman texted her sister and saved her own life.

She was taken in Clarksville, Tennessee and moved to a hotel in Louisiana, where she was raped and beaten multiple times by her attacker.

It wasn’t until the woman’s abductor left the room that she was able to get a hold of his cell phone and text her sister. She explained to her that she was kidnapped and all she knew is that she was in a hotel near New Orleans.

The victim’s sister took action and contacted the authorities who were able to track the message.

The Slidell, Louisiana Police Department has identified 34-year-old Lee Meadows as the suspect. The woman was found severely beaten with broken bones in the hotel room after authorities breached the door. In an interview with The Leaf-Chronicle Randy Smith Chief of Slidell Police commended the woman on her admirable actions.

“Had it not been for the determination of the victim to survive, and the swift actions by Tennessee authorities and the officers at the Slidell Police Department, we could easily be working a homicide right now. Hopefully our criminal justice system will put Mr. Meadows away for a long time to where he won’t be able to hurt anyone ever again,” Smith said.

Authorities have not mentioned if there is any connection between the kidnapper and his victim.

Prior to this incident Lee Meadows was released from jail for abuse-related charges. He has now been charged with battery by strangulation, false imprisonment, rape, and second-degree battery.