Should Kids Be Allowed to Watch These Dancing Cartoon Genitals?

WARNING: The above video contains… well, dancing cartoon genitals. If you’re easily offended, steer clear. 

A Swedish children’s program featuring prominent cartoon depictions of singing genitals is causing controversy and sparking a passionate online debate about morals and parenting in the Scandinavian nation.

The series was created by Swedish public television and is targeted towards viewers between ages three and six-years-of-age, Vocativ reports. The show, called Bacillakuten, makes no attempt to hide its sexual nature — each episode begins with a song featuring the lyric, “Popi-dip-pop snippedi penis! Here comes his dick in full gallop!”

We’re going to assume that rhymes in Swedish.


The show apparently doesn’t explain much about sex other than the fact that boys have penises and girls vaginas, but it’s still sparked an intense debate — dubbed a “moralpanik” by Swedish news outlets — in a nation known for its sexual openness, even by European standards.

The show recently teased its third season on Facebook with the one-minute video above, which received a flood of comments, positive and negative. YouTube subsequently disabled comments on the video and slapped it with an age restriction, later removing it when the show’s creators complained.

“Although we received some criticism, so we are very, very happy today, because the impact of the video is awesome!” said one of the channel’s editors to a Swedish newspaper.

The musician behind the video stands by the song. He told Swedish media that he uses his songs (including such gems as “Pee, Farting and Pooping,” “I Like Slime” and “Mollusks in My Pants”) to try and answer the questions young children might ask.

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