Hidden Camera Experiment Shows How Kids React to Finding a Gun on Playground

You’ve heard the story before. A toddler or teenager finds a loaded pistol, pulls the trigger, and kills themselves or is fatally shot by another kid.

They are the most gut-wrenching of gun deaths. Did you know that in this country, every three hours and 15 minutes a child or teen is shot? They are accidentally shot in the homes of close-knit families, police officers and drug dealers, as well as in the households of family friends and strangers.

Sometimes, children even stumble upon a fire arm in public spaces, such as parking lots and shopping centers.

In the video above, captured by JoeySalads, you’ll see how a handful of kids react to finding a gun on the playground. Fortunately, the gun was fake, or someone might have been killed.

Is three-years-old too young to learn about guns? After watching the hidden camera experiment above, we definitely don’t think so.