What Kids from the 1950s Asked Santa to Give Them for Christmas

08In modern times, social media is inundated the day after Christmas with complaints from spoiled children who didn’t get the latest iPhone or gaming console. If you don’t want to lose your faith in humanity, just avoid anything #IHateMyParents this holiday season — and yes, that is a real hashtag that people use.

Back in the day, however, kids had much simpler Christmas wishes. In a video from 1959, which we found posted on The Mirror, several adorable youngsters tell Santa what they would really like for Christmas. Your heart will be touched by how humble these simple wishes are.

One small child says, “Oh, anything” will do, while a little boy just wants a bike—with breaks and a bell, of course. A little girl named Gillian, 7, requests an ironing board because back then it was fun for girls to play house. Other things on the list include a Bible, an underskirt, a clockwork mouse, and a penny whistle.

The Christmas spirit demonstrated by these children just goes to show that you don’t need the latest iPad or laptop, 3D printer, or a TV in every room of the house to feel the warmth of the season.

You can read the full story from The Mirror here, or watch the whole video above, posted on YouTube by Archif ITV Cymru/Wales @ LlGC | ITV Cymru/Wales Archive @ NLW.