Kids Pull Off Epic Invisible Rope Trick (VIDEO)

If you were driving, would you stop the car to avoid hitting something you weren’t sure was actually there? That’s the dilemma involved with the invisible rope trick.

When two people stand opposite one another (one on each side of the road), each tugging at what appears to be an invisible rope, some drivers simply get dumbfounded and have no clue what to do.

Usually, as the car approaches closer, the two people tug on the imaginary rope really hard, making the driver believe there’s really something between them.

In the video above, two kids pull off an epic invisible rope trick. It’s so believable that the driver has to get out of his car and wave his hand through the air just to make sure.

Luckily, the stunt remained all fun and games. Sometimes, these kind of tricks cause an accident, hurt people and get the pranksters in trouble. Doing the invisible rope trick can be considered obstructing traffic, and threatening drivers.

What would you do in this situation?