WATCH: Kids React to Tasting Cow Tongue for the First Time

We love the React Channel on YouTube! They have some of the cutest kids and some amazing concepts that always get us laughing. Most recently we featured them watching the opening credits of the old animated series Duck Tales, and it was one of the most popular on FTK for that month, and their “Kids React to Walkmans” still has us laughing.

But kids react to tasting cow tongue? This one is going to take the cake — or tongue, as the case may be — and when you see it you’ll instantly understand why this has become a top viral video in the last 24 hours.

The filmmakers present their panel of experts an uncooked cow tongue and try to get them to guess what it is. That alone is genius enough. From the seeing that long, slimy object to smelling it’s raw scent, the young ones’ reactions are priceless. But then the crew actually offers these children some prepared tongue to taste, so that we can see if they like the beefy flavor. Do they think it’s delicious? Does it just need a little more salt? Or will these kids freak out and need therapy for the next 50 years?

Check out the video above and find out.