Kids React to DuckTales – Give Surprisingly Positive Review, But Not without Hilarious Skepticism

You may say kids these days just don’t appreciate quality television, but after watching the latest installment of the Kids React series, we have to give the youngins at least a little credit.

Benny and Rafi Fine of The Fine Brothers sat down with a group of kids and showed them the intro to the 1980s animated television series DuckTales to chat with them about everything from their initial reactions, to what they thought the show was about and if they think they would be interested in watching the show if it were still on television. And let us tell you, the whole thing is hilarious!

Although the kids start off a little skeptical, most of them warm up to the tune pretty quickly. And let’s be honest here, it doesn’t matter or how old you are or what time period you were born– the DuckTales theme song will always be dance-worthy (even when it’s covered as a ’90s slow jam).

But then the commentary starts. Everything from “okay this is just ridiculous” to “wouldn’t [swimming in gold coins] break you apart!?” to “if I was like five I’d enjoy this a lot” was thrown out.

One girl even asked “Is this like a show?” To that we say, yes. It is like a show. It’s like the best kid show ever!

The kids may have ripped apart certain aspects of the cartoon, but by the end 11 of the 13 kids polled said they would watch the show if it were still on today. So like we said, maybe kids today do know what good television is about.

Check out the video above for the full clip.

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