HILARIOUS VIDEO: Kids Reenact Richard Sherman’s Fox-TV Interview

Seattle Seahawks cornerback Richard Sherman won the game that held Seattle’s 23-17 win over San Francisco on Jan. 19. Instantly after the play, he did a TV interview with FOX TV broadcasting that he was the bestcorner back in the National Football League, and put down the opposing player, Michael Crabtree, who he had foiled on the play.

Sherman’s “rant” as it rapidly became known as, did much more than he’d intended. It kindled a national discussion about race and the way many Americans react to young, strong African-American athletes. Immediately after the interview aired, Twitter blew up. A lot of the tweets and comments were indirect and not-so-indirect racist interpretations about the 25-year-old Sherman, a graduate from Stanford. He was titled with extremely offensive terms, with people calling him a “monkey” or a “thug.”

He definitely made a lot of people, including the reporter, uncomfortable but nothing justifies the slurs that were thrown at him, and I certainly don’t think he deserves the title “thug.” At some point in everyone’s life, people go through a proud adrenaline-rush moment, and for the most part, people act with similar excitement during those moments. Oh, c’mon we have all been there. So let Sherman have this one victorious moment and feel good about it without bringing in the nastiness.

Plus, Sherman’s interview didn’t just open doors to negativity. Check out this awesome video of several kids reenacting his interview with a twist of their own personality. Not only are they adorably hilarious, they do a tremendous job at reenacting Sherman’s boldness. If you haven’t seen the original video, check out the news clip above.