Adults Should Act More Like Kids When Talking About Marriage

Kids can always be counted on for candor.

In this heartwarming and hilarious video, two adults reenact kids talking about gay marriage.

“What is the most important thing?” one of them asks. “To love each other!” the other one shouts.

See, it’s so simple even a child could understand it.

What we’d like to know is how many takes these actors had to do in order to get the footage down. You know they had to have cracked up laughing so many times trying to re-enact the two kids talking about marriage.

A decade ago, same-sex marriage was barely on the political radar, but today, it’s a harsh reality in America.

But perhaps for future generations, it will be a non-issue. Well, that’s what we’re hoping for.

Great, now we want to have a dinosaur wedding.

Watch the video above.