Kilauea Lava Flow Destroys First Home in Hawaii (VIDEO)

Hawaii’s Kilauea volcano may be moving quite slowly, but that doesn’t mean whatever is in its path won’t encounter Pele’s rage.

According to the U.S. Geological Survey (USGS) , the lava flow has not advanced since Oct. 30, but a breakout “finger” did reach a home.

“The lava spread out and ignited the house before noon local time,” said USGS spokesman Janet Baab. “There are no other homes in imminent danger. We are watching the flow closely and continue to monitor it.”

The house, which is valued at about $200,000, erupted into flames, while the owners watched in shock, reported the Associated Press.

Other homeowners in the area fear their houses will also be destroyed.

“I’m scared right now,” Imelda Raras, a local resident explained. “What will happen next? We will be waiting … I hope our house will be spared.”