Killer Selfies: Chilling Photos Depict Remorseless Murderers After Their Heinous Crimes

WARNING: The images and associated details in this story are GRAPHIC and extremely disturbing. Reader discretion is advised. 

Some killers send notes to journalists or to the police, others try to fall off the grid and evade captures. Many murderers, especially serial killers, are known to take some kind of trophy of the crime with them or even leave a trademark calling-card of some kind.

However one of the most disturbing trends has to be the killers who take photos of, or directly after, the heinous crimes they committed. Some have used Snapchat to pose with the bodies of their victims, while others documented the moments showing only their own, remorseless enjoyment.

These chilling selfies of killers in the slideshow above are extremely disturbing, and are sickening to see.

Read below to learn their terrible crimes.

Bahsid McLean: McLean got into an argument with his mother, who had asked him to move out, and killed her. He then dismembered her and posted photos of himself holding up her head.

Daniela Poggiali: Poggiali was a nurse who is believed to have killed several of her elderly patients. She posted several disturbing selfies of herself with some of her dead patients.

Lashonda Williams and Roger Reed: This amorous couple show no regret after the allegedly murdered a pastor and stole his car. The even posted smiling selfies from inside the vehicle. They are both on trial for the crime.

Maxwell Marion Morton: Morton posed with corpse of classmate he shot in the face and later sent the picture to a friend.

Joanna Dennhy: Dennhy and her boyfriend went on a ten-day killing spree. She posted multiple selfies while on the run from the cops.

Dennis Rader: Posed in victim’s underwear after killing them. Known also as BTK, Rader also took bizarre photos of himself bound or restrained and hanging from trees.

Suspected Gang Members: A group of men believed to be gang members pose for a victory photo after carrying out the shooting of rival gang member.

Aaron Hernandez: New England Patriots player who was accused of murder is seen in one selfie proudly brandishing a gun, however it was reportedly taken several years before the alleged murder.