Image-Obsessed Kim Kardashian Crops Daughter Out of Her Selfie

The phrase “selfie” has practically become synonymous with Kim Kardashian, and her many dedicated fans love her for it. But her latest Instagram has left even some of her most loyal followers irate. The reality star is being criticized after she cropped her daughter North West out of a selfie, according to reports from Celebuzz and TMZ. Apparently her selfie game is too strong for North.

Kim gives the camera tons of smokey-eyed fierceness, while little North’s face is very obviously cropped out. Although Kim is obviously holding her daughter in her arms for the picture—only the side of North’s head can be seen. But hey, at least that prominently featured black brick wall got a shot at stardom.

Why’d she do it? Check out her explanation in this video:

Kim’s response may have had to do with the backlash she got via her Instagram pic (see below).
Kim K Selfie

Many of the photo’s comments— from some of the 23 million followers on Kim’s Instagram—called her out for being selfishly image-obsessed to the point of cropping her own daughter out of the picture, many asking why she’d crop her own child out of the picture. One person noted that Kim would “rather showoff a brick wall” than her daughter.

Apparently Kim took North and her nephews to Disney on Ice to celebrate the 5th birthday of Mason Disick—her sister Kourtney’s son. Although she posted some (admittedly super adorable)photos of the whole group— that include North showing off her stylish winter coat and a Chanel handbag—it looks like Kim just can’t share the selfie spotlight.