Kim Kardashian Kommits by Wearing Kanye West’s Initials

In case you’re not following the Kim Kardashian saga, here’s a breakdown for you.

Reality TV star, Kim Kardashian has been dating boyfriend Kanye West since earlier this year. They’re not being so quiet about how serious they are, so tabloids are just waiting for the one big thing: When is KWeezy– as some lovingly call Kanye–  going to pop “the question”? Originally it was slated for their European rendezvous last month, but KK is waiting for her divorce to NBA player Kris Humphries to be finalized.

Though Kardashian filed for divorce more than a year ago, the actual divorce has taken five times as long as the 72-day marriage. But now she’s off with Kanye, Komitted, in love, and ready for another shot at love.

Yesterday, Kim Kardashian showed her Kommitment by being spotted wearing Kanye West’s initials on a golden ring on her right hand. The ring matches earrings she showcased with Kanye West’s initials. Initialed jewelry is obviously the way to show the world she’s serious with him and the things she wants with him (family, longer than 72-day marriage, etc).

So now the big question: Do we believe her this time or do we even care? Vote below!

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