PHOTOS: Kindergarten Built Around a Tree Has a Legendary Story

Fuji Kindergarten, located in Tachikawa, Japan, was constructed around a Zelkova tree. And this isn’t just any tree.

The tree is about 50  years old and was almost uprooted during a typhoon. Eventually, the tree became lifeless and everyone assumed it would whither away and die.

However, the tree decided it had a beautiful life to live and made an amazing recovery. Prior to the kindergarten being built, the tree became a popular hangout. Kids from around the area would climb it and enjoy its splendor.

Then in 2007, a creative decision was made. Officials decided that it would be a perfect friend to a school. Thus, the kindergarten was built, with its windows facing inwards at the tree. The children can always see the tree through the windows. During recess or after school, the kids can play on various platforms around the tree.

As you can see, the building’s design is quite modern and very simple. It provides the perfect opportunity for children to connect with nature and be a part of it.

I can only imagine what amazing benefits this will provide these children for years to come.