King Tut’s Dagger Came From Space?


There was always something mysterious and awe-inspiring about King Tutankhamun. The boy king took the throne at the age of 10 and reigned for 8 years before his death. His sarcophagus is one of the most iconic artifacts of Ancient Egypt and the era of the Pyramids.

But the plot thickens when we learn about the dagger that was sheathed on the hip of King Tut’s mummified body. Researchers from Polytechnic University of Milan in Italy discovered that the blade actually contains trace amounts of nickel, iron, and cobalt – a combination only found in meteorites.

Not only was this blade forged with rare materials from space, it was also created in 14th century BC – 600 years before the practice of iron smelting was utilized in Egypt. This means the blade was forged through a hammering technique alone, and is one of the only iron-based artifacts smelted from that time period.

The discovery of this dagger leads to more questions than answers. Did King Tut believe that this blade gave him some sort of mystical power? Did he slay any enemies with it? Was it given to him by the Egyptian Gods that he worshiped? Are there more meteorite artifacts out there yet to be discovered? We may never know the answers.