Woman Ran A Marathon with Blood Dripping Down Her Legs–Powerful Feminist Statement or Just Plain Gross?

Warning: Photos contain blood and may not be suitable for all readers.

One marathon runner decided to take a feminist stand during her most recent race in the most unusual way you could imagine.

Every woman has experienced the start of their period during an inconvenient time. A day before her 42.2 km (26.2 mi) marathon in London, Kiran Gandhi started her monthly cycle. Instead of dropping out of the race due to the discomfort and inconvenience, she decided to run—without a tampon or a pad—freely.

She finished the marathon, with blood dripping down her legs in 4:49:11. She then went on the write about her experience on her blog and online self-publishing site, Medium.

She wanted to make a clear point that there are still many women around the world who do not have the means to feminine products. Instead of shaming the natural process of menstruation, she embraced it and realized she was glad to have started her period for this marathon.

She marked this feat as a strong feminist, body-positivity and liberating experience.

On her blog, she wrote, “If there’s one way to transcend oppression, it’s to run a marathon in whatever way you want,” she wrote. “Where the stigma of a woman’s period is irrelevant, and we can re-write the rules as we choose.”

Although she did get some nasty glares and rude comments thrown at her, she continued to run.

She took photos with her period-stained running pants and smiled proudly for all the haters.

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