Kissing Lips Coffee Lids Exist, So Now You Never Have to Drink Coffee Alone

Some people love their coffee—and then there are people who love their coffee. These new coffee cups will let these coffee lovers adore their java in a more intimate way than ever before.

Designer Jang WooSeok decided to combine his love of coffee and kisses, by created a concept for a function coffee cup lid shaped like a pair of lips and nose.

WooSeok said that when using the lids the drinker has “a visually funny and emotionally different coffee-drinking [experience].”

Based out of South Korea, the first disposable prototypes for the lid will be produced in the coming month.

When asked why he chose a design that included the nose along with the lips, WooSeok said it was to create a more authentic kissing experience when the drinker takes a sip.

“I realized that touching the noses is essential in order to feel realistic while being kissed,” he said. “So I added the nose and face muscle to the lid.”

Check out the obscure designs, and see more of WooSeok’s work on his Behance profile here.