A Kitten Catching Laundry Is the Most Fun Thing We’ve Ever Seen

We’ve all seen dogs play fetch and catch everything from balls to Frisbees in the air — and those cute critters can certainly be impressive. But this little kitten catching laundry has some crazy super cat jumping skills that are absolutely amazing to watch.

It doesn’t hurt that she’s also really small and cute. But whatever. That all makes for a great cat video, right?

This little girl kitty sits inside her owners’ laundry basket, and as shirts and other garments get tossed against the wall above it, she flies up into the air and grabs them, making sure they land inside. You can hear some kind of noise before each toss — perhaps there’s a device the owners are using to hurl the items — so we’re not sure if that’s the signal that gets the kitten ready or if she just sees a cloth item hit the wall makes her move then. Either way, it’s super fun to watch and we keep playing it over and over.

The “kitten catching laundry” video was posted back in 2010 by YouTube user Whiskey Tango, and thanks to the popularity of cat videos on the internet, it has suddenly leaped to new heights once again. Currently, we’ve seen it get passed on numerous Facebook feeds and through Twitter — so you know it’ll be the video everyone’s talking about by the end of the day.

Enjoy the fun!