Kitten With A Tragic Past Won’t Eat. But Her Life Changed When She Met This Dog. WOW!

A tiny, weak kitten of just two weeks old seemed to have given up on life when she was found all alone in San Jose, California. She was taken to Thoa Bui, a lady that was well known for rescuing animals in the past. It didn’t matter how hard Bui tried, the kitten they started calling Rosie, didn’t eat or respond to anything at all. Bui put all of her efforts into getting Rosie well, but it seemed hopeless.

This was until Bui’s husky, Lilo, came onto the scene and took a protective attitude to Rosie. Rosie started taking notice of what was going on around her and the fact that her ‘mom’ was a dog wasn’t strange to her at all. Bui recalls how Rosie started feeding after just a few hours of cuddling with Lilo. They have been together for a year and a half and still refuse to let anything separate them.

Bui tells of how they have to touch when sleeping in her sister’s room. She finds this quite entertaining. Now that Rosie is all grown up after being raised by the husky, she is struggling with a serious case of identity crisis as she thinks she is a husky too. Noticing her surrogate ‘mom’ going outside to do her business, Rosie started doing it too. She even insists on being leashed when she goes along for a walk.

She also bonded with two other huskies that Bui owns. Infinity and Miko are her surrogate husky ‘sister’ and ‘brother’. She didn’t forget how to be a cat as there are other cats living in Bui’s household that are Rosie’s friends too but she is very much aware of the fact that it was a husky that raised her. She takes on a lot of dog mannerisms and seems like she considers herself a dog more than she does a cat. Lilo mentors Rosie too, resulting in a very brave cat. It is completely understandable that the cat would behave in this way. After all when human intervention wasn’t enough, a dog’s gesture was what saved Rosie. Lilo, her dog ‘mummy’ hadn’t left her side for a moment to this day.

All images courtesy of INSTAGRAM/LILOTHEHUSKY

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