Koreans React to Eating Poptarts, Goldfish, Twizzlers and Other American Snacks for the First Time

We’ve seen a lot of videos showing Americans trying foods from other countries for the first time and the ones we found the most hilarious were the ones where they were trying dishes from cultures we’re familiar with. This is simply because it helps to know what they’re tasting to truly appreciate their reactions and descriptions.

That is precisely why we’re totally in love with this video of Koreans trying American snacks for the first time. We know these foods and grew up with them, so to hear these girls liken the taste of poptarts to toys, give a resounding thumbs up to rice krispie treats and a collective thumbs down to salt and vinegar potato chips while admitting they’re kind of addictive, is both relatable and hilarious.

Check it out for yourself in the video above.