Kris Jenner Outraged Over Bruce Jenner Transgender Cover

Tabloid magazine In Touch is taking a big risk with their upcoming issue — both from public backlash and from Mamma Kardashian herself, Kris Jenner.bruce-jenner-intouch-weekly-transgender-cover

TMZ reports that Kris “is telling close friends … she’s outraged at In Touch for photoshopping a pic of ex-hubby Bruce Jenner on the cover with all the female fixin’s.”

That’s right, In Touch has decided to cover Bruce’s physical transformation over the years, from Olympic athlete to the older person he is today. Bruce has not publicly stated that he is planning on transitioning from male to female, though many tabloids have speculated that it might be happening. Even more legit publications talk about him sporting smooth legs, feminine looking fingernails, and there are reports that he’s had his Adam’s apple reduced — a procedure that’s common (if you can afford it) for men trying to appear more physically female.

But to have In Touch portray him in makeup and with a headline reading “My Life As a Woman,” it certainly implies they have some kind of exclusive story. In fact, Radar Online reported in December that he was going to publicly announce his decision in January; perhaps this is it.

That said, TMZ says Kris has commented on the Bruce Jenner transgender cover, telling friends, “It’s just mean to do whether or not it’s true.”

An interesting statement — which gossip rags will no doubt latch upon — because it’s not denying the possibility that a MTF transition is in Bruce’s future. (That’s “male-to-female” for those who don’t know.)

As for Bruce, one of his close friends told TMZ, “He doesn’t even pay attention to this stuff.”

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