Kristin Smart Vanished 20 Years Ago. What Really Happened to Her?

It was Friday, May 24, 2006. That was the last time Kristin Smart’s family ever heard from her. It was a voicemail left on her mother’s phone.

Good news, good news. I’ll call on Sunday.

What began as a carefree three-day Memorial weekend soon turned into panic. After being dropped off at an unofficial fraternity house near Cal Poly’s campus, witnesses allege the tall blonde appeared really intoxicated. However, many people say that they never saw her with a drink in her hand that night, others agree that she was slipped a date rape drug.

When the party began dying down around 2 a.m., Tim Davis saw Smart lying on the grass. She was passed out. That’s when Cheryl Anderson, an acquaintance, agreed to help him walk her back to her Muir Hall dorm. Paul Flores, a friend of hers, was also leaving the party and helped assist the group in getting her safely home.

The group of four later became only two, as Anderson and Davis went their separate ways with the hopes that she was in good hands.

Then, she vanished.

Smart was reportedly last seen at 2:30 a.m. on May 25, 1996, with Flores as the only known witness to the events that followed.

His full deposition can be watched below. Flores is the last known person to see Kristin, and the only suspect in the case.

What do you think really happened?