Photos: A Crazy Look at the Deepest Cave in the Entire World

The Krubera Cave, located in the Arabika Massif, of the Western Caucasus in Abkhazia, Georgia, is the deepest cave system in the entire world.

Just taking one look at the photographs in the slideshow above–taken by researchers who explored this 7,208 feet deep and eight mile long abyss–are enough to make our imaginations wander and our fight or flight response to kick in.

What do you think must have been going through their minds as they descended deeper and deeper into the cave? In order to traverse through tight, flooded passages and unknown terrain, these guys had to have been completely fearless.

The explorers left their fate to chance to embark upon one of the most perilous, physically demanding and exciting journeys of their lives.

Some team members made trips to the surface every few days during the exploration, but some stayed underground for 14 straight days.

The persistence, endurance, and determination of the team, says Alexander Klimchouk, a noted speleologist and a senior scientist at Ukraine’s National Academy of Science, “confirm Jules Verne’s statement in Journey to the Center of the Earth: ‘There is nothing more powerful than this attraction toward an abyss.'”

If you’ve ever watched the movie The Descent, you know why we’d never voluntarily choose to enter such a place or feel inclined to embark upon a cave-dwelling adventure.

What about you? Are you that adventurous?