Kylie Jenner Challenge Fails — Lips Gone Dangerously Wrong

People everywhere are taking the #KylieJennerChallenge — but this viral challenge is causing serious injuries. First, some background.

There is no denying that Kylie Jenner’s lips have grown over the years, however she denies all rumors suggesting that she has undergone plastic surgery to enhance their size. She says she is simply over-lining her lips using lip liner, but fan and frenemies believe she’s using a CandyLipz. To use it, a person slides her lips inside the red plastic piece and sucks on it, and that suction allegedly plumps up the lips.

All this lip-related buzz has caused the Kylie Jenner Challenge (#kyliejennerchallenge) to take over Instagram and Twitter, with photos of people placing shot glasses and bottles over their mouths and sucking for minutes at a time to create plumper lips. While the method can work, it is also very dangerous. Many results show serious bruising, scaring, swelling and even bleeding around the mouth. Check out these photos to see the frightening results.

Dr. Scot Glasberg, president of the American Society of Plastic Surgeons (ASPS), explained to Fox News that the results are short term and are causing injuries. “You’re creating an injury to your lips, that’s why they swell. It’s like punching yourself in the face or running your face into the wall.”

Besides causing visible injuries, it’s also painful. The suction creates an airlock seal which increases the blood flow. Most results only last minutes to an hour, but some have complained that their lips are still swollen and bruised days later.

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