Lady Gaga’s Isolated Vocals Leak and Shock Everyone

Remember when Ashley Simpson was on Saturday Night Live and it was discovered (to no one’s surprise) that she used a backing track (and that she blamed everything from her drummer to her acid reflux for it)? Or when Taylor Swift’s live vocals from the VMAs leaked and everyone realized she got help with her singing while recording in the studio? And who can forget how Mariah Carey’s rendition of “All I want for Christmas Is You” at the Rockefeller Christmas Tree Lighting nearly ruined Christmas?

A similar revelation seemed to be in store for Lady Gaga after last week’s performance at The 37th annual Kennedy Center Honors. She performed Sting’s “If I Ever Lose My Faith in You” in tribute to the man who was being honored that night, and the performance got a lot of positive attention.

Then someone leaked Lady Gaga’s isolated vocals, and everyone was shocked.

Lady-Gaga-Taylor-Kinney-Kennedy-Center-Honors_600Why? BECAUSE SHE CAN REALLY SING!

Sure, the wardrobe was problematic. Her “wig in a bag” combined with that shoulder-pad-jacket that look more Cosby Show sad rather than than Dynasty rad weren’t the most flattering. She looked MUCH better entering the event with hunky boyfriend Taylor Kinney (check out that image to the right).

But who cares about that? This night was about honoring a man in the arts. It was about the singing, and she blew all those other girls out of the water with her true, goose bump-inducing, honest and genuine vocals.

Below is the actual televised performance. If you jump to 2:15 you’ll see how much she moved the audience, including Sting himself.