Lady Gaga’s New Song Titles Revealed

We don’t entirely understand what’s going on here, but follow the thread and it will hopefully make sense.

Musicians signed with BMI evidently have a “profile,” or BMI Repertoire. You can go on it and do searches and find stuff out. We’re not entirely sure how legal that is for the general public to be accessing the site, but we were able to follow the links without any issues. Still, you’ve been warned.

Lady Gaga album coverAnyway, enter some Lady Gaga fans at, who are “…here to provide you with the latest news, gossip, rumors, and media. We’ll do our best to keep you updated on everything Gaga, 24 hours a day, seven days a week.” They did some digging around and found what appear to be the titles of three upcoming releases from Mother Monster’s new album ARTPOP. The songs are called “Candy Art” (also titled “Candy Life Candy Is Art”–not sure if there’s a comma missing in there and if these are two titles); “CRWTH” (also called “Clock Spins”); and “Cold Hearted Bitch” (also titled “Bitch of the Night”).

The assumption is that because it’s on BMI Repertoire it must be for real, though you can bet if Lady Gaga wants to change a name no one at the record label will argue with her.

UK music site PopJustice says, “Writing credits come from the ‘Christmas Tree’ hitmaker herself, plus Paul Blair (ie DJ White Shadow) and ‘Born This Way’ co-creator Jeppe Laursen, as well as ’Megan Jaqulinn’ who we can’t seem to find any information about anywhere. :(“