Caught on Camera: Tourists Spot Giant Icelandic Worm Monster Swimming in Lake

Scotland has claimed on of the most infamous water monster legends within the depths of the Lock Ness, but it is not the only country to boast mysteries in the deep.

In Iceland there have been rumored sightings of the Lagarfljót Worm since as early as 1345. Named for the lake in which it has been spotted before, there has not been much substantial evidence to its actual existence, except for tales of old and grainy photographs.

Until now, that is.

According to reports the worm-like creature can reach as long (or longer) than a football field, and can travel on both land and water.

The video above was shot by tourists back in 2012. They spotted something slithering beneath the surface of the lake and whipped out their cameras.

Apparently it even launched a government investigation, which deemed the video to be genuine and not a fake.

What do you think, does this convince you of the existence of lake monsters?