Lamar Odom – Find Out What Went on Behind the Doors of the Nevada Brothel

Former NBA player Lamar Odom was found unconscious inside a Nevada brothel, and now he is fighting for his life. In a former report we told you what happened and now we are telling you what you need to know about his hospitalization, who is there at his bedside and what exactly went on behind the doors of that brothel.

      • He was found by two girls at the Bunny Love Ranch at 3:30p.m. yesterday.
      • When the girls found him he was foaming at the mouth.
      • The girls immediately called 911, they were instructed to turn him on his side, he then began throwing up.
      • According to various sources he was doing an herbal Viagra.
      • Khloe Kardashian, Kim Kardashian & Kris Jenner took a private jet to Las Vegas last night and went straight to the hospital.
      • E! News reported that Lamar did overdose on drugs.
      • He is currently unconscious and on a ventilator.
      • Doctors believe there to have been a loss of oxygen to the brain and even a possible stroke.
      • He was doing numerous drugs and partying over the weekend.
      • He choked on his own mucous.
      • TMZ released photos from inside his room at the brothel.
    • The Lakers basketball team had a game in Las Vegas, which Kobe Bryant left early from to be by his former teammates’ side.
    • Dozens of celebrities have tweeted their love and support.

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Lamar Odom Found Unconscious in Nevada Brothel