PHOTOS: Gold Covered Lamborghini Aventador

What do you get when you have a super expensive, top-of-the-line sports car and a whole lotta gold to spare? You get a super expensive, top-of-the-line sports car covered entirely in gold, of course!

That was the idea behind the Lamborghini Aventador AU79, revealed in 2012 at Lamborghini Miami. Boasting a V12 engine, 700 horse power and a top speed of 217 mph, the gold plated Aventador is a one-of-a-kind.

“When you combine the two you have a true piece of performing art which becomes a double whammy of the two highest valued commodities on the market today: gold and Lamborghinis,” Brett David, owner of Prestige Imports, which includes Lamborghini Miami, said.

And this piece of performing art took time to complete. Although wrapping a car normally takes about 30 hours, Auto SuperShield in Boca Raton needed a good 70 days to apply the gold foil on the Lambo.

The obvious question then is how much does the car cost? At a whopping $550,000 asking price, the AU79 doesn’t come cheap, but is a worthy purchase for Lamborghini aficionados.

A fun little fact: The gold car was named AU79, after the metal’s symbol on the periodic table, but some at the company were hoping to name the vehicle C3PO, after the golden-hued Star Wars character.

Fun fact number 2:  This isn’t the first time the company played around with presentation. Last year, they revealed an equally impressive Lamborghini Gallardo decorated all-over with intricate Sharpie artwork.

Check out the gold covered Lamborghini Aventador AU79 images below, courtesy of David Nickerson.