Lance Armstrong Makes a Fat Joke in Oprah Interview

Confession time: We didn’t watch Oprah Winfrey’s interview with Lance Armstrong. We figured that if something startling happened — other than the confession that was reported on before the special even aired — we’d hear about it the next day. Sure enough, all the news programs gave us highlights this morning. Though, to be fair, nothing that surprised happened.

But if something funny happened, we were pretty positive that would pop up on Facebook or Twitter as well. And it did, thanks to the genius folks over at Gawker.

Writer Caity Weaver mentions a moment from the Thursday night interview, when Winfrey brought up Betsy Andreu, the wife of Armstrong’s former cycling teammate Frankie. Winfrey sets the ground, saying that Armstrong “tried to destroy” Betsy, after she publicly criticized him for failing to admit he used performance enhancing drugs.

“A smirk smeared across his face, Armstrong wistfully recalls how he called Betsy ‘crazy’ and ‘a bitch,'” the article recounts. “Then, for one horrible moment, you can and watch Lance sit back ‘read the room.'” He says the following:

“I did call her crazy….I did. I did. I think she’d be okay with me saying this, but…I’m gonna take the liberty to say it. [When we spoke on the phone recently,] I said ‘Listen, I called you ‘crazy,’ I called you ‘a bitch.’ I called you all these things…but I never called you ‘fat.'”

Blink, blink.

Winfrey, who has struggled with her weight, stares at Armstrong. No one laughs. He then tries to explain himself and salvage the joke. Hole gets dug deeper. Winfrey, finally, moves on.

Check out the rundown and watch the video on Gawker.