Landlord Makes Grisly Discovery in Home He Rents Out

Did you know that hoarding affects approximately 700,000 to 1.4 million people in the US? The disorder makes its sufferers hold onto items that other people throw in the garbage, such as empty product containers, useless items, and even feces-stained toilet paper.

In most cases, the disorder goes as far as interfering with a person’s well-being, especially since the hoarding often gets in the way of showering, eating, and sleeping when all the stuff they keep begins piling up.

In the video above, a landlord takes us through one of his rental properties that he’s been renting out to the same lady for seven years. After she fell behind on her rent, he went to check up on her. But when he peered through the living room window, he made a very grisly discovery — there was piles of trash on the floor.

That’s wasn’t even the worst part.

When asked about the state of her home, the woman simply said that she was having some “emotional problems.” Needless to say, she ended up moving out because she could not longer afford to pay her rent.

On the day she moved out, the landlord entered the property, only to be absolutely floored by what he found inside.

We really hope this woman was able to get the help that she so desperately needs.

Do you know of anyone who lives in such conditions? Could you?