He Is The Largest Cat in New York City – You Have to See Him!

Maine Coones are known for their large size; they’re the biggest breed of domestic cat on the planet, but Samson definitely takes the cake! He may even be the world’s largest cat; the former Guinness World Record holder was another Maine Coon named Stewie who measured in at 4.04 feet before he passed away in 2013.

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There’s only one downside to having a cat this size — you can be sure of some pretty hefty bills! The New York Post estimates that Samson gets through around four pounds of kitty litter every week, and needs a grooming appointment every few months at a cost of $120.

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The exact origins of the breed are unknown. One interesting theory is that they came about when Marie Antoinette attempted to escape France before her death, and though she never made it to America, her beloved Turkish Angora cats did, and subsequently bred with the local short-haired cats to create the breed. However, most breeders today believe that it is most likely that they actually were created when sailors from England brought long-haired cats with them to catch the mice on their ships, and when they reached America they then bred with the local cats.

Maine Coons are known for their high levels of intelligence and loyalty to their family. They are easy to train and stay playful as adults. It’s been noted that they have a fascination with water, which could have a lot to do with their ancestry aboard ships.

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 All images courtesy of @catstradamus/Instagram