Largest Great White Shark Ever Caught on Camera Will Terrify You

Unless you’re watching Jaws, a giant shark is not something you are too worried about seeing. However, new footage has just been released of a 20-feet-long great white shark near Mexico’s Guadalupe Island.

The female shark’s name has been dubbed as Deep Blue, and she just may be the only thing keeping me from stepping onto a beach ever again.

When Deep Blue was filmed, she was pregnant and approximately 50 years old. This goes to show that the conservation efforts of sharks are definitely working. Videographer Mauricio Hoyos Padilla captured Deep Blue swimming towards divers who are protected by their safety cages. This allows us to see just how big the shark is in relativity to a human.

The video then shows Deep Blue pass by the second cage and as she swims upwards, we get a glimpse of her huge teeth.

Great white sharks are known to be the largest predatory fish on earth and on average grow to be 15 feet in length. They can also weight up to 5,000 pounds. Deep Blue is five feet longer than the average great white shark so she may possibly weight over 7,000 pounds.

Check out the video above to see just how big Deep Blue is. Would you want to go swimming after seeing a shark this big?